Martyrs & Heroes 2019

Student activists, labor organizers, artists and cultural workers, a church social worker and organizer, a people’s lawyer, and a group of five farmers and fishermen: all of them will be honored on Saturday, Bonifacio Day, their names etched on the black granite Wall of Remembrance at Bantayog ng mga Bayani grounds in Quezon City.

Bantayog ng mga Bayani: A Unique Filipino Monument

“For it is in remembering the lessons of the past – and avoiding a repeat of their negative repercussions – that we will truly advance the welfare, the wellbeing, and the rights and liberties of all our people pursuant to the demands of the Rule of Law and our democratic Constitution.”

The Annual Honoring of Martyrs and Heroes 2014

This year’s honorees were labor leaders Felixberto Olalia Sr., Rolando Olalia and Crispin Beltran; human rights worker Sr. Violeta Marcos; “Daet martyrs” Elmer Lagarteja, Jose E. Alcantara (killed at 40), Benjamen Suyat (killed at 47) and Rogelio Guevarra (killed at 45); Jorge Checa, Ceasar Gavanzo Jr., Venerando Villacillo and Julieto Mahinay.