Never rest your case

“DOMINGO-VIERNES. The family and friends of these two assassinated Fil-ams never rested their case. They succeeded in proving, step by step, detail by detail, that the Marcos regime was the mastermind in the killing. I post this today because, over my breakfast table, I read again of another dastardly, cowardly killing of a supporter of Read more about Never rest your case[…]

We honor our heroes; we do not demean their memory

Our Bantayog heroes teach us a powerful lesson they had paid for with their lives, that Filipinos will fight for their freedom. If we still do not get this, if we let this oppressive law operate, if we let our heroes be called “terrorists,” if we do not jealously guard our rights as citizens, I fear we are headed towards another dark period in our history.

The Bacong Bridge Massace of 1981

To the Marcos regime is attributed some 900 massacres,perpetrated by military and paramilitary forces, primarily to instill fear on communities or groups raising a voice of protest against certain issues or policies, or against the regime’s growing abuses.