Never rest your case

“DOMINGO-VIERNES. The family and friends of these two assassinated Fil-ams never rested their case. They succeeded in proving, step by step, detail by detail, that the Marcos regime was the mastermind in the killing. I post this today because, over my breakfast table, I read again of another dastardly, cowardly killing of a supporter of Read more about Never rest your case[…]

Tail-end of a cold front: PAGASA weathermen and the 1986 People Power

Today the role of the PAGASA in the EDSA revolution is almost forgotten among those alive at the time and virtually unknown among younger generations of employees, much less the general public.  To begin with the loyalist government soldiers clashed with the rebel Reform the Army Movement  (RAM) and between them were the PAGASA  employees who in an accident of history, were forced to do their duty to their country as they saw best.

Bantayog ng mga Bayani: A Unique Filipino Monument

“For it is in remembering the lessons of the past – and avoiding a repeat of their negative repercussions – that we will truly advance the welfare, the wellbeing, and the rights and liberties of all our people pursuant to the demands of the Rule of Law and our democratic Constitution.”


Diokno: Fight the fear, sing our own song

(This was originally published at the Philippine Daily Inquirer as an opinion column by Boying Pimentel) Jose Diokno was the activist-intellectual, the human rights warrior and the brilliant, fearless opponent of dictatorship we revered and respected. Ka Pepe was the hero of my generation. This week, we mark his 95th birthday and the 30th anniversary Read more about Diokno: Fight the fear, sing our own song[…]